Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions prior to making your reservation.



  1. Visitor parking is not available at Island House. If you have a visitor the visitor must park in the designated parking for your unit only. 
  2. No boats, RV’s, personal watercraft or any and all trailers are permitted to park onsite. Any unauthorized vehicle will be towed at the Guest’s expense.
  3. Please pick up your parking passes upon check-in along with our community wristbands.


  1. No recreational vehicles, golf carts (unless the golf cart is one of your vehicles), motorcycles, scooters, commercial vehicles, or trailers of any kind are permitted.
  2. All rental guests and visitors must stop at the front desk and receive a parking pass. Island House Beach Resort is a tow away property and all non-registered vehicles are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. 
  3. Island House Beach Resort has limited guest parking, and we require that our Guests’ visitors park in one of the 2 spaces provided. Island House Beach Resort reserves the right to further restrict visitors’ parking during peak season.
  4. Handicap parking will be by official handicap sticker only.
  5. Individuals inappropriately parked may be towed at owner and/or guest expense.
  6. Parking on the street and/or grass is not permitted.
  7. Owners and guests may not park in loading zones unless loading or unloading an attended vehicle.
  8. No skateboarding or rollerblading on the property is permitted

 Please note that Island House is a family friendly community. As such, we adhere to thje community quiet hours which begin at 10:00 pm until 7:00 am. Disruptive behavior, including loud music, profane language, littering, not maintaining common spaces and any other behavior that would disrupt other guests is strictly prohibited. Any guest not being considerate of others will be asked to comply with our community rules. In certain circumstances you may be evicted from the property with forfeiture of any monies paid and you will not be allowed to stay at Island House Beach Resort in the future.


MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: Guest agrees to adhere to the maximum occupancy for the unit (4-6 people) depending on the occupancy of the unit. Each unit has a maximum occupancy rate which you were informed of when making your reservation. Overcrowding of units will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid. Large gatherings are not permitted on the premises without prior written approval from Island House Beach Resort.



Occupancy of Condominiums

  1. No owner, lessee or other occupant of a condominium unit or villa shall use the unit for anything other than a single-family residence except with the permission of the Board. No business or trade shall be permitted or conducted in any unit.
  2. There is a maximum occupancy for each unit (either 4 or 6 people). This includes both adults and children. Adults are humans above the age of eighteen (18) and a child is considered anyone from one (1) day to eighteen (18) years of age. If we determine that there are more people occupying a unit than allowed in our rules, you will be evicted immediately and forfeit all monies paid.
  3. Bracelets will be issued for the number of occupants of each unit. If you lose your bracelet, you will incur a $5.00 charge for replacement. 
  4. Nobody who is eighteen (18) years of age or under shall occupy a unit unless a parent or another adult relative is in residence in the unit at the same time.
  5. There must be at least one (1) occupant over the age of twenty-five (25) always staying in the unit.
  6. No resident or guest shall make or permit any disturbing noises in the unit by himself/herself, with family or with visitors nor permit any disturbances that will interfere with the rights, comfort, or conveniences of other unit residents. The playing of any musical instrument or radio, television, stereo, etc. in the premises between 10:00 PM & 8:00 AM shall be muted and reduced in volume to avoid disturbing or annoying other occupants of the property. In certain circumstances you may be evicted from the property with forfeiture of any monies paid and you will not be allowed to stay at Island House Beach Resort in the future. 
  7. It is suggested that courtesy prevail. For example, loud conversations while on balconies, hallways or in common outdoor areas should be avoided during evening hours. 
  8. It is not permitted to hang towels or clothing outside of balconies in the condominium buildings or outdoors of the villas. Please use the drying racks provided in the unit.


The minimum rental age for the responsible party is TWENTY-FIVE (25) YEARS OF AGE. The responsible party must be present at the time of check-in and present in the unit throughout the duration of the stay. 



  1. All units are non-smoking units including balconies, lanais and patios.
  2. Find the designated smoking areas throughout the property and dispose of any and all smoking materials properly.



  1. Unit owners, renters, guests, and visitors are not permitted to have pets in their unit or on the premises at any time. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid.
  2. Anyone requiring the assistance of a SERVICE ANIMAL must make a request in writing to Island House Beach Resort Board of Directors. This request must be submitted and approved by the Board PRIOR to the arrival date. The request must include a statement from a treating physician. Each request will be discussed and approved or disapproved on an individual basis.



  1. Guest is liable for any damages to the premises and to the furnishings, equipment, and household items therein, which occur during the Renter’s occupancy excluding normal wear and tear. Any damage will be charged to the card on file. Damages also include smoking in the unit and leaving the unit in disarray. The Rules and Regulations are for the safety and consideration of all Island House Beach Resort owners and guests. There are no exceptions, and the eviction policy will be enforced.


  1. A 25% down payment is due at the time of booking. Your final payment is due no later than 60 days prior to your arrival. PLEASE NOTE: Payments will be automatically taken on the date it is due with your credit card given at the time of booking. Changing units is considered a cancellation and all cancellation policies apply.
  2. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Island House Beach Resort highly recommends that you purchase Trip Insurance. 
  3. In the event of a hurricane and only if Island House Beach Resort is under mandatory evacuation for the time of your stay, a refund will be given for the unused portion of your stay.



  1. A resort fee of 3% is required for all stays at the time of booking. This fee is 3% of the total rental rate plus applicable taxes for the reservation(s). 
  2. A processing fee of 3% is required for all stays at the time of booking. This fee is 3% of the total rental rate plus applicable taxes for the reservation(s).



  1. The amounts stated above are due as calculated and subject to updates if the agreement is modified and/or changed after the time of booking.



  1. Check in time is 4:00 PM.
  2. Check out time is 10:00 AM.
  3. There is a lock-box for late arrivals.
  4. Island House Beach Resort office hours are Monday - Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm & Sunday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm



  1. Check out time is 10:00 AM
  2. Leave unit in condition of arrival (return all furniture to its original position, all garbage and food must be removed from the unit and disposed of properly).
  3. Please load dishwasher and start as a courtesy to our housekeeping staf.
  4. Please leave keys and wristbands on kitchen counter to avoid additional charges.
  5. If the unit is left in an unacceptable condition or items were broken an additional cleaning fee or replacement charge will be applied to the card we have on file.
  6. We do not allow late check outs. If you stay past 10:00 AM a $100.00 per hour charge will be debited to your credit card on file.
  7. You have ‘first right of refusal’ for the unit you stayed in for the week you stayed at Island House Beach Resort for the following year. You MUST re-book your unit for next year prior to 10:00 AM on the day of your check out time to take advantage of this opportunity. After check out, the unit is then open to other reservations for next year.


  1. Island House Beach Resort will not be held liable for or issue refunds for circumstances beyond its control. This is included, but not limited to inclement weather, hurricanes, red tide, pandemics, and any other acts of nature. If a mandatory evacuation is ordered for Siesta Key, reservations will be refunded for the evacuated portion of your reservation. We strongly advise you to purchase the appropriate travel insurance to protect your investment and to read the policy carefully to ensure it provides suitable coverage.



  1. During certain periods throughout the year security will be onsite to ensure our guests’ safety and allow our guests an enjoyable stay. 
  2. Wristbands are provided and should be always worn throughout the property, at the pool and on the private beach area.



  1. Island House Beach Resort does not provide maid service during your stay.
  2. Properties are cleaned and sanitized with fresh linens and towels at the start of your stay. 
  3. We do not provide linen/towel service. If you are staying eight (8) or more days, we do provide a linen exchange on Thursdays (Villas) & Fridays (Condos) between 9:00 am & 10:00 pm by the pool. 
  4. Beach towels are not provided. 
  5. Guest agrees to adhere and maintain the cleanliness of the unit. 
  6. If unit is left excessively dirty and additional housekeeping charge will be deducted from the card on file for the additional time spent cleaning the unit.



  1. Island House Beach Resort takes an inventory of the property’s contents and photographs the condition of rooms, furnishings, and equipment.
  2. Furniture is NOT TO BE REMOVED from the property or moved from room to room.
  3. Blankets and bath towels must remain in the property.
  4. Linens are inventoried and guests will be charged for any missing or damaged items. 
  5. Internet and cable television services are included in the rental units. No credit will be given for interruptions in service. If an interruption occurs, Island House Beach Resort will seek to have the service restored by the service provider as soon as possible.



The Island House Beach Resort Beachfront is restricted to owners, paying guests and their visitors. There are no lifeguards on duty at the beach at any time. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK!

  1. No glass bottles or other glass containers are allowed on the beach.
  2. Chairs and lounges cannot be reserved. Towels left on unused chairs or lounges for one hour or more will be removed. Additionally, you will not be permitted to reserve chairs for multiple families. You will only be permitted to take one chair for each of the guests registered to your unit.
  3. You are not permitted to grill or make a fire on the beach. You may only BBQ at the designated grill located in the greenspace between the condo buildings.
  4. Lounges and chairs that are the property of Island House Beach Resort are not allowed in the water.
  5. Activities which interfere with the comfort and safety of others will not be allowed. Loud radios and music disturbing other guests will not be tolerated.
  6. Please rinse the sand off your feet at the shower and foot washing station to minimize the amount of our beautiful white sand being tracked into the units.



Turtle season starts May 1 and ends October 31. Please help the Island House Beach Resort’s efforts toward being a turtle-friendly establishment by complying with County and State Law Ordinance #97-082:

  1. Close drapes after dark when interior lights are in use.
  2. Remove beach furniture and trash at night so it does not hinder migration to and from the water. Any objects left on the beach will be removed and disposed of once the sun has set.
  3. All beach chairs will be removed from the beach prior to sunset.
  4. Fill in holes that may entrap hatchlings on their way to the water and knock down sandcastles.
  5. Never approach nesting turtles or pick up hatchlings. If you find an unmarked nest, contact the Front Desk and we will contact the County. 
  6.  For additional sea turtle information please reach out to helpingseaturtles.org.
  7.  In the evenings, please use flashlights to enter and exit the beach.



  1. Published rates are subject to change without notice. The rate and rental listing information, though deemed accurate, is not guaranteed. It is subject to errors, omissions, change of price or withdrawal without notice. Property furnishings are subject to change without notice.



Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of Island House Beach Resort, or Federal/FL State Law could result in the termination of the rental agreement without refund. Each party to this Agreement consents and submits to personal jurisdiction over the party by, and venue in, the courts of the State of Florida with regards to any legal action arising from or otherwise related to this Agreement. Any dispute arising between the parties (Guest and Island House Beach Resort) shall be brought exclusively in the state courts located in Sarasota County, Florida.

Guest shall pay all reasonable attorney fees and all court costs along with any expenses incurred by Island House Beach Resort to enforce any provisions of this agreement, with or without legal proceedings, including, but not limited to, such fees, costs and expenses incurred by Island House Beach Resort for trial or appellate proceedings, mediation or arbitration.

The terms in this agreement serve forever as a release and assumption of risk by Guest and for Guest’s heirs, estate, executor, administrator, assignees, all members of Guest’s family and any persons visiting or staying in the property during the stay.

This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties. It may only be changed in writing by both parties. Guest cannot assign or transfer this agreement to any other party.

“Please note that your reservation is not confirmed until down payment is received and your E-Contract is digitally signed and on file. Your reservation is subject to cancellation without a digital signature on file.”